We are committed to protecting the environment and managing our environmental impact responsibly.

About Us

Singapore-based cleantech firm Sparks® aims to provide users with SAFER & SUPERIOR cleaning solutions for their daily needs.

These needs can range from F&B owners cleaning their oil-greased kitchen, automotive workshop owners and petroleum refineries degreasing their soiled equipment, cleaners disinfecting clinics and hospitals, and families cleaning their own homes.

Manufactured in Singapore, Sparks® pride ourselves in providing quality, effective and competitive solutions to our customers around the world.

The problem and drawback about many cleaning solutions & disinfectants in the market is that they are not safe for 1) one’s personal health and 2) our environment. Many contain solvents which are chlorinated, fluorinated, alcohol or even petroleum based.

With BIODEGRADABLE TECHNOLOGY, Sparks® eliminate the risk on one’s personal health, such as skin and respiratory conditions caused by ordinary cleaning solutions & disinfectants. Sparks® also eliminate the risk on our environment in the areas of transportation, storage, handling and contamination.

With Sparks®, you can be assured that your home or workplace is Sparkling Clean Every Time!

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